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K3 Combo
The K3 machine is our most advanced unit for combined production of shake and soft serve ice-cream

It is Fully independent shake and soft freezers with a reduced size, foot print and air space requirement with low energy consumption

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Magica 191
With this Carpigiani floor model machine, soft gelato becomes self-service. The Magica is a fully independent, token operated machine. It produces one single flavor or variegated gelato.

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In modern manufacturing, the integration of ICT in the maintenance process, led to the development of e-maintenance, that automates management operations. E-maintenance, that initially interested only large plant machinery, is now becoming affordable for mass-produced equipment, thanks to the recent advances in ICT. This paper presents Teorema, an innovative e-maintenance solution for Carpigiani ice cream machines, which provides several services: remote monitoring of machines, automatic notification of malfunctions, diagnostics and prognostics functions, remote assistance interventions, and automated reporting of production data. Teorema is already in production and it is significantly improving the after-sale service to Carpigiani customers.

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