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At Carpigiani, we are known for making Soft Serve equipment that serves a Smooth, Creamy product, which surpasses consumers’ expectations. Carpigiani Soft Serve freezers are built to last, and engineered for superior results.

Carpigiani offers a complete line of soft serve machines, from single flavor countertop models to the largest capacity double flavor twist machine in the industry.

Our compact counter models can mean big profits in small places, while our floor models come in a wide range of sizes and with either gravity-fed (G) or pump-fed (P) dispensing. Whether you have an ice cream parlor, a fast food store, a Frozen Yogurt operation, or anything in between, we are sure you will find Carpigiani has the perfect machine to meet your own production demands. Cleaning hose kit available on some models.

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Information in PDF
Mix Tank Size
Overall dimensions
(WxDxH – in)
Cooling Gravity or Pump Fully Automatic
Low Mix Alarm Net Weight (lbs)
151 soft and Go Plus
151 Specs
5.4 12.4×22.8×37.8 Air Yes 209
Bar E G SpecsBar E P SpecsSP E G Specs

SP E P Specs 

18 19.9×26.5×28 Air or Water Gravity or Pump Yes Yes 242.5
AV G SpecsAV P SpecsBar E G Specs

Bar E P Specs

SP E G Specs

SP E P Specs

18×2 21.6x30x31.5 Air or Water Gravity or Pump Yes Yes 419
Specs [pdf]
18×2 22x34x56 Air or Water Pump Only Yes Yes 700
Specs [pdf]
18×2 22x34x56 Air or Water Gravity only Yes Yes 700
UF-820 E
Specs [pdf]
40×2 29x41x56 Air or Water Gravity or Pump Yes Yes 970
Spin Evolution
Specs [pdf]
12.7 10.6×20.5×31.9 70.4
Magica 191
Specs SheetCatalogue
3.17 50.5×67.5×152 463
Softy Bar
Specs [pdf]
5.3 11.4×22.8×34.2 194
Specs [pdf]
13.7 17.7×30.7×63.2 Air Gravity or Pump 225-230
Specs [pdf]
27.4 19.7×30.8×63.2 Air Gravity or Pump 300-310
Specs [pdf]